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Our Strategy

The heart of successful investing is the preservation and growth of capital, and at Long Wharf Investors the cornerstone of our strategy lies in careful diversification and investment selection.

Maximizing your investments.

At Long Wharf, we begin with an asset allocation framework tailored to reflect each client’s goals.  We periodically adjust the mix of investments to reflect changing market conditions – all while staying within a client’s general investment framework. Client assets are allocated among high-quality stocks, exchange traded funds, bonds, and cash equivalents.

Our proprietary quantitative models – recently ranked among the 10 best in their universe by Informa Investment Solutions – help us maximize your investments, and are our most important selection tools. With these, we evaluate:

  • Valuation
  • Company earnings momentum
  • Technical price trends

A proven process.

Starting with a broad universe of about 8,000 companies, we use proprietary computer models to identify quality companies with strong growth prospects and then follow up with rigorous fundamental research, ranking stocks as potential investment candidates.  Candidates from our models are added to our buy list if our fundamental research uncovers no major negative investment concerns.  Once attractive investments are identified, Long Wharf’s principals compare portfolio cash positions with the buy list to determine if portfolio additions are appropriate. Depending on the capital gains consequences for individual clients, lower-rated securities are sold and replaced with more attractive holdings.

We review economic and financial market events as well as our investment models on a weekly basis. This diligence alerts us to any changes in the capital markets that might merit changes in investment strategy or tactical asset allocation. Yet, we are not market timers; we prefer instead to be as fully invested as each client's targeted asset allocation permits in order to take advantage of the long-term appreciation potential of each asset class.