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Investment Advice

A partnership that begins with you.

Successful investing begins with building a partnership that goes deeper than finances alone. At Long Wharf, we are interested in taking the long view – that the work we do now to understand your investment goals, your return objectives, and your risk tolerance, will benefit you in the short and long term. When you work with us, you can expect dynamic, personal portfolio management on an ongoing basis.

A powerful investment approach.

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is careful diversification and attention to long-term investment planning. Successful investing, we believe, requires a disciplined approach to asset selection coupled with a carefully chosen asset mix. We focus our investments on companies with a demonstrated ability to increase cash flow and sustain above-average growth. Our research captures companies in the U.S., developed foreign markets and emerging markets, but we concentrate on companies with demonstrated track records.

Proprietary models make the difference.

Our proprietary quantitative models are our most important stock selection tool. We are constantly studying, testing, and reevaluating these models to find the most effective growth opportunities and identify market and economic trends. Combined with rigorous fundamental research, our models enable us to narrow down a broad universe of 8,000 companies to 100 to 200 candidates whose performance points to the potential for strong long-term returns. Weekly review of economic events combined with analysis of output from our investment models alert us to changes in the capital markets or particular investments that could merit a change in holdings or investment strategy.